About Us

  Far Horizon Photo Tours was started by international photographer Peter West Carey after his success leading tours in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and Alaska over the last 10+ years. His passion for photography and helping people learn is a natural mix for a penchant to travel to out of the way locations, looking for subjects both classic and mold-breaking. Far Horizon is the next step in the evolution of his photography instruction desires as it will allow for a broader range of locations and subjects.

Each tour is currently led by Peter while future offerings will include other recognized photography instructors handpicked for their engaging attitude and ability to help others excel at photography. The trips found here are designed with two purposes in mind: 1) Truly engage travelers in the host country and 2) Help every guest grow their photography skills. 

Our tours are hand-designed and always include an "itinerary from which to deviate." You choose Far Horizon because you don't want to be stuck in a creative rut, you don't want to be told, "Stand here and use these settings." You want to immerse in a photography-rich environment and have freedom to follow your creative flow, wherever it may take you. We relish that freedom as well. If dinner is called just as the light is turning Himalayan Peaks a thousand shades of pink before sunset, we'll stay right where we are in order to capture the beauty Nature has to share. Meals can be reheated; you're on a photo tour for the photo opportunities.

We won't lie, sometimes our tours are slow. We doddle and wait for light or action or moments to reveal themselves. We're not looking to cover maximum miles/kilometers each day and see a hundred sites; we're looking to capture the emotions and soul of each location we visit. We also take our time so each guest can receive the photography instruction they desire. 

Our tours are crafted for photography and our love for it. Grab your camera and join us on a tour today!