Buddha Dordenma Statue Then And Now – Travel Memories

The Buddha Dordenma statue is a giant 169′ tall sitting Buddha overlooking Bhutan’s capital of Thimphu and the valley in which it lays. Inside the massive structure, and under it, are halls for meditating as well as 125,000 smaller Buddhas. Photos are not allowed inside, so it is only the outside you will see here…. Read More

Travel Memories: Roaming Namche Bazaar, Nepal

Namche Bazaar is the hub of Everest Expeditions and trekking adventures alike. It sits on trade route that have existed for centuries to bring Himalayan salt down from Tibet and produce and woolen crafts north. Perched in a bowl along a hillside, there are very few flat places but that means almost every room in… Read More

Power On The Trail

Before Far Horizon’s 2019 Photo Tours, we posted about testing and planning for power in the Himalayas for a group of five photographers and guides.  So how did that go? In a word: Swimmingly!  In the end we had two  RAVPower 24 Foldable Solar Panel and two RAVPower 26,800mAh Power Packs for guests to use…. Read More

New Teaser Trailer

The new teaser trailer for our 2022 Photo Tour season in Nepal is out!   We’d love to see you in Nepal in 2022! Contact us to find out more about either tour.

Travel Memories: Black & White Himalayas Part 2

Continuing on from our last post on the Himalayas in black and white, we have a whole new set. It’s easy to see what mast like Ansel Adams, who had access to color processes (and used them), chose to use black and white so often when depicting mountain scenes. The simplicity expressed by the medium… Read More

Travel Memories: Black & White Himalayas Part 1

With the bluest skies on the planet, the Himalayas are often best portrayed in their vibrant color. Yet, sometimes, the masters of old speak through the winds of time and beg for black and white treatment of these towering guardians and their may faces. Here then, is Part 1 of a look at the Himalayan… Read More

Win-Win Relationships Are Built Into Our Business

At Far Horizon an important aspect of running international photo tours is making a positive impact in the areas we operate. We constantly look for ways we and our local operators can benefit from our long term relationships. In Nepal, we’re happy to announce our local guide of choice, Kami Sherpa, has recently passed his… Read More

Travel Memories: Khumbu Cargo

The Khumbu Region of Nepal, which encompasses Sagarmatha National Park and Mt. Everest, is a remote area with no roads. The Sherpa who have lived there for scores of generations, travel and traded across the area using a variety of cargo transport means. Arrival These days most visitors will arrive by plane, or sometimes helicopter… Read More

Travel Memories: Lawudo Gompa

High in the Himalayas, in a place very few trekkers ever visit, you can find the Lawudo Gompa above Mende. The Sherpa structures are built around the cave Guru Lama Zopa Rinpoche carved out under a giant boulder for his decades of meditation. The space is now turned into a shrine to the Guru, with the accompanying… Read More

A Simple, Innovative Micro-SD Card Holder

It’s the simple things in life that often make it better. In this case, we’ve struggled with keeping track of our micro-SD cards while out in the field. Ya know, the really small ones like this?–> Where to store them? They usually come with a SD card adapter, making it easier to plug right into computers and start… Read More