A Simple, Innovative Micro-SD Card Holder

It’s the simple things in life that often make it better.

In this case, we’ve struggled with keeping track of our micro-SD cards while out in the field. Ya know, the really small ones like this?–>

Where to store them?

They usually come with a SD card adapter, making it easier to plug right into computers and start editing. But we don’t want to carry around an adapter for each small card.

Enter the (not so well named) SDcardholder.com car holder.

It easily holds 10 micro-SD cards and one SD card adapter. Each slot has a little tab to hold the card in place (which makes for a little fidgeting when taking a card out, to hold the tab down, but it’s worth it) and it is the size of business card.

At the thickness of two credit cards, this holder could actually fit in a wallet or purse. The lanyard hole (lanyard not included) is a nice touch so you can tether it to your bag somehow.

We plan to use this exclusively with my DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and keep it half full. That way we can place the full cards on the top row with the empties on the bottom.

We love this kind of simple organization.

It’s only $7 at Amazon and comes in various colors.

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