Packing Photography Power For The Himalayas

Today Far Horizon Photo Tours is happy to announce the testing and future addition of 24W foldable solar panels and power packs to all Nepal tours.

Each photography guide and local guide on our tours will now trek with a solar panel on their backpack and a 26,800mAh power pack for guests to use as they wish.

The Power Issue

Power can be an issue in the Himalayas as most villages still rely on their own smaller solar panels. When we get to a teahouse in the afternoon it can be too late to get a good charge when batteries are low. That’s why Far Horizon has decide to pack our own power.

We understand charged batteries are essential with today’s DSLRs and other cameras. What do you do in a region with very few power lines?

A Solution

This summer we’ll test the RAVPower 24 Foldable Solar Panel and RAVPower 26,800mAh Power Pack. Additionally we’ll be testing a dual camera battery charger (this one for Canon LP-E6 batteries) that utilizes a microUSB connection for power input.

The idea is to soak up the sun during the day while we’re out shooting and trekking, then use the power pack to top off batteries at night. This will allow guests to bring less batteries and, for those who love their other electronics, charge other devices.

One power pack can charge approximately 13-14 LP-E6 batteries, which hold 1800mAh. We estimate one pack and panel will suffice for each three guests. The solar panel has three USB outputs and it can charge the power pack and two devices while we trek. We will have chargers available for every camera type on our treks.

The power of the sun
Glorious Sun and the Himalayas

The last thing we want is for any guest to not bring home gorgeous photos because they ran out of juice. We will report back with test results after the summer.

We’re excited to offer this remote charging to all Nepal Photo Trek itineraries. Let us carry the heavy stuff and all the power you need so you can enjoy and photograph until your heart is content.

It’s one more way we offer Photo Tours Beyond Your Expectation™.

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